School Programs

Programming for BINA High School aims to engage our students’ minds, inspire camaraderie, and instill school-wide spirit. Both Judaic and secular Studies, school hours, after-school hours, and even weekends are viewed through one programmatic lens. Expanding on values imparted during the day, all activities give our girls the opportunity to apply their learning to their daily lives.

BINA Reaches out to the Tidewater Jewish Community

BINA @ the JCC

The girls of BINA High School can be be found volunteering at JCC events such as the Book Fair and senior programming activities.

BINA @ Beth Sholom Home

The tradition of imparting lessons learned and traditions to the next generation is the cornerstone of Judaism’s continuity.  Grandparents represent a wealth of Torah knowledge and life experiences.  Our girls visit Beth Sholom Home to listen to the seniors’ stories and memories and to partner with them in games and activities.

BINA @ Toras Chaim 

Girls at BINA organize occasional Sunday activities for students of Tidewater’s orthodox Jewish day school.  Elementary school students from Toras Chaim have been invited to an afternoon of activities ranging from arts & crafts and baking to dancing and sports. BINA girls volunteer on the Toras Chaim campus, both in and out of the classroom.

BINA @ B’nai Israel

BINA High School girls run the Shabbos afternoon B’nos program aimed at creating a special rapport with the younger girls in the community. Mentoring younger girls gives our students a fantastic opportunity to lead others and share their knowledge. BINA girls also help out with many shul programs, utilizing their cooking skills and artistic talents.

BINA High School strives to create meaningful programs for our girls which will further their development into productive citizens of our Jewish community.

BINA – A Closer Look at Activities

The G.O. at BINA High School is charged with creating a fun-filled, spirited environment for the school.  Run by student representatives, the G.O. plans monthly Rosh Chodesh programs and activities relating to holidays throughout the year. G.O. also coordinates weekend programming.

Our Shabbaton, a shared Shabbos experience with another high school, is a memorable bonding experience. Connecting with the larger community of girls’ high schools is pivotal to enhancing the pride and pleasure in being a young Jewish woman.

Our play is another opportunity for the BINA girls to utilize, develop, and showcase their talents. Each girl is involved in more than one aspect of the play; whether it’s drama, dance, costumes, scenery, or props, there is something for everyone in the BINA play.