What’s happening at BINA?

October 4-15- Sukkos Break

October 22- Spaghetti Dinner

October 23- BINA Yeseira 12:00 PM

October 25- PSAT

Mazel Tov to:

Schneur & Jenny Lefcoe (’15) Wallach on their recent marriage

Eli Krischer & Leah Mostofsky (’09) on their recent engagement

Ian Cummings & Nechama Werther (’16) on their recent engagement

Avi Horowitz & Chana Brooke (’10) on their recent engagement



The mission of BINA High School’s Judaic Studies curriculum is to prepare our students for the ethical and moral challenges they will face in the world around them.

We are welcoming applications and  look forward to speaking with you.

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Our General Studies department puts a major focus on the study of Language Arts as well as the study of Math and Science.

Additional Specialties are included in the curriculum such as Art, Music and Computer courses.

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BINA High School is housed in the B’nai Israel Congregation building

425 Washington Park
Norfolk, VA 23517
Telephone: 757.627.BINA (2462)
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